The premise of free appointment Narodnogo Opolcheniya d. 44 K1d.

WAO, Oktyabr'skoe pole м.
Narodnogo Opolcheniya d. 44 K1
Square: 80 sq.m.
Rent Price: 640 000 rub./month
Contant Phone: 8(915) 408-30-03 8(495) 107-03-03
The premises is located 100 metres from the metro station "October field" is a 12-storey building. The facade, with a huge window, covered in high quality granite, facing the street of the National militia. Inside open floor plan and high quality banking repair. Object opposite public transport and walking transition. Large advertising opportunities, Parking, MGTS, 25 KW. High pedestrian permeability and ultra-intense car traffic. The room can be used for additional office, commercial purpose, for placing the pharmacy, shop, sales office, possible other use.
From metro: 2 minute walk
Number of entries: 1
WC facilities: 1
Floor: 1
Number of storeys: 9
Internet: есть
Air conditioning: есть
Ventilation: есть
Fire alarm: есть