Property management

Property management Buy highly liquid assets Want to increase your income? Want to reorganize unprofitable business? Have a property or available funds for property purchase? Allow the professionals to work for You! Services property management Our team of highly skilled professionals renders services in trust management of Your real estate and advises on the purchase of highly liquid assets in commercial real estate. We also provide assistance on accounting and tax accounting, provide legal protection of owners ' interests in all state and other organizations. We ensure the compliance by tenants with all requirements and obligations under leases, and most importantly - we guarantee You a steady income from the leasing business. Eighteen-year experience and the constantly growing demand for rental property largest network of agencies and organizations together have formed a huge base of resources for our activity. Don't want to work and earn, contact us! On all questions you can consult by phone: 8 (495) 107-03-03 What is the property management? Property management involves the full cycle of actions necessary to perform processes associated with real estate. The decision of investment problems, and ensuring all building issues and repair or upgrade of the facility. Areas that begin to develop in parallel with the management activities, such as real estate tasks, the issues dividing the possessions and rights of use. Legal issues are our divisions associated with the collateral and exchange, as well as the transfer into trust. If you enter into a contract with us for property management We provide execution and registration of title and other documents on real estate objects; Provide management of all real estate in the interests of the owner Three areas that are our units Our legal team handles all legal matters management: it is the distribution and combination of rights to real estate; The economic Department conducts the management of revenues and costs that are generated inevitably during the operation process property sent to our office; The engineering Department shall maintain the property in accordance with its direct purpose. The main task of the service "property Management" is to maximize the efficiency of its operation with higher earnings in the interests of the owner.