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Everything changes. Politics, economics change. And only "correct" property remains stable guarantor of steady state of your business.

If you decided to open your own business or your current project requires expansion, we have a proposal that might interest you. Sale and rental of non-residential premises directly by owners - this is your opportunity to place profitably office, bank, pharmacy, salon, shop, cafe, retail outlet in almost any area of ​​the city. Actual format of commercial real estate - street retail, presented on our website - it is the most profitable use of the leased premises.

You can find also a lot of interesting offers for the sale of commercial real estate in Moscow on our site. Sale of premises free of destination, presented on our site will be carried out on favorable conditions for all. In addition, the purchase of property - is the best way to invest. Property prices are one of the most stable economic indicators always.

Even if you are not going to use the room yourself, you can always sell it profitably. Liquidity street retail is consistently high. Buyers of commercial real estate in the "right place" is more than enough. So if you are looking for a reliable way to preserve and increase their capital, you can take advantage of our offers for sale space street retail.

If you have difficulty to choose their own non-residential premises for sale or lease is stated on our website - call us, and we always find the time to elaborate on the premises and discuss all your questions.

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Commercial  real estate, industrial zones and architecture will develop in 2014 in Moscow. These are the results of the survey " Guild of Managers and Developers" which took place on December 17. The overwhelming number of members of the Guild noted in this survey this trend  as the reorganization of industrial areas. Redevelopment of industrial areas - a great opportunity to implement the mechanism of integrated development, the benefits of which - a unified design concept , as well a...  ...
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In the 1st half of 2013 in Russia was established historical record in terms of investments in commercial real estate , which amounted to 3.8 billion U.S. dollars. This indicator showed an increase of 98%. According to a new study CBRE, an international consulting company in the field of real estate, in the II quarter of 2013, the retail segment has been the most popular among investors. The volume of investment in it was 860 million U.S. dollars , equivalent to 62% of the total registered inves...  ...
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The total length of the main top and " facade " of trade corridors of the capital today is about 150 km . The most developed in terms of the main retail trade corridors located between the Garden Ring and the Third Ring Road . According to the group of companies RRG, the longest trade corridor Moscow Garden Ring is longer than 15 kilometers - there are more than 700 stores. In this category, the leader is Kutuzov Avenue, where three-kilometer area there are more than 200 rooms. This is followed ...  ...
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Invest in commercial real benefit . Statistics show that up to 20 % of retail space delivered to the market , already implemented at the start of sales. Strategic calculation buyer is simple: the emphasis is on the rise in the cost of investment assets . According to research by experts real estate investment fund «StoneHedge», at the time of commissioning the market is only one fifth of its vacancy . Raising the cost of commercial space occurs as the object's ready . In connection w...  ...
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