About company

«Street Retail Group» is a company offering a wide range of services in all segments of the real estate market of Moscow and Moscow region. Over the 15- year history of the company is actively developed, gained financial stability , has established itself as a reliable and professional partner. The company employs highly qualified specialists who build with partners long-term relationship based on quality service and individual approach.
The company occupies a leading position in the most financially attractive, "live" segment liquidity for buyers and very effective for many tenants. Dynamically developing direction rental business «Street Retail» is a specialization of our company.
    Advantages of working with us:
   - We provide full range of services in commercial real estate! Provision of services by agreement, transfer object in uninhabited fund its redevelopment, design, repair and finishing works . Services on the "secondary" market : buying, selling , moving. Services for the leasing and management of commercial real estate ( only on condition of exclusivity ) . Sale rental business ( we offer high quality finished product at realizable value ) . Due to the narrow focus of the Company's activities during the work we have universal specialists in this field.
   - We use an individual approach to every customer! We are focused on individual work with each client. Help to understand the true needs and choose the best way to solve this problem as soon as possible. We have assembled a cohesive team of the best and most competent professionals who have many years of professional experience in real estate and used to reach the goal of their clients and do it successfully .
   - We build long-term relationship with each client, based on mutual understanding and respect. We do not give empty promises and always fulfill their commitments to our partners, customers and employees, as most of all we appreciate the confidence of its customers. We are proud that most of them came to us on the recommendation of those who have once used the services of Street Retail Group, and have now become regular partners , investors and develop together with us. We are always half a step ahead of all: time, competitors, their own capabilities and expectations of our customers. Our task is to strive for the best and to achieve the maximum in their work.