Street-retail premises selects banks and retail chains

Entrepreneurs who invest money in the purchase of commercial real estate street-retail format in Moscow and the region as a rental business, prefer the space occupied by network retailers or banks, as they are the most reliable and creditworthy tenants. According to the experts of DNA Realty, over 70% of buyers indicate a priority to purchase just such a premise.

In addition, among those investors who are willing to buy space without tenants for further renting them also prevail or requests to potentially bank premises from 70 to 200 sq.m. near the subway or on the main streets of the cities , or on the premises, which can be profitable to the network retailers . Typically, the space occupied by the large network grocery retailers or banks, are sold at a premium to the market. On average , an estimated DNA Realty, rents in Moscow street retail premises from 1500 to 5000 dollars per square meter year.

Source: Арендатор.ру