Investment in the redevelopment of street retail profitable

Invest in commercial real benefit . Statistics show that up to 20 % of retail space delivered to the market , already implemented at the start of sales. Strategic calculation buyer is simple: the emphasis is on the rise in the cost of investment assets .

According to research by experts real estate investment fund «StoneHedge», at the time of commissioning the market is only one fifth of its vacancy . Raising the cost of commercial space occurs as the object's ready . In connection with the prohibition of new construction in the heart of Moscow , scenarios of quality space street-retail format in CAD little. Typically, new objects appear on the first floors of new office or residential buildings or through renovation of existing space on the first floor , which are allocated by retail. 

For the year in the CAD objects appear about 5-6 rooms with a high quality of street retail. And if the term of the object's ready for new construction may take 2-3 years, the rooms in the reconstructed objects are ready to accept tenants after only half a year after the start of construction work.

In the first half of 2013 to the market street retail in the CAO 2500 sq. displayed. m quality space, projected total new supply until the end of the year will amount to no more than 5,000 square meters

Source: Арендатор.ру