Investing in commercial real estate set the historical record

In the 1st half of 2013 in Russia was established historical record in terms of investments in commercial real estate , which amounted to 3.8 billion U.S. dollars. This indicator showed an increase of 98%. According to a new study CBRE, an international consulting company in the field of real estate, in the II quarter of 2013, the retail segment has been the most popular among investors. The volume of investment in it was 860 million U.S. dollars , equivalent to 62% of the total registered investments. This trend is supported by the high activity of developers , which resulted in 2014 can be seen record-high volume of new properties in Moscow. The focus of investors in the second half of 2013 will continue to dominate retail . At the end of 2013 the volume of investments in commercial real estate may exceed $ 3 billion.

Source: Арендатор.ру